Description of the company:

Gesplan constitutes an instrument for the application of the policies of the Government of the Canary Islands in the matter of territorial planning, the environment and renewal for tourism.

As an instrument of the Government of the Canary Islands, Gesplan participates in the management and territorial and environmental planning of the Canary Islands and gives technical, legal and environmental assistance to the Regional Ministry of Territorial Policy, Sustainability and Safety, maintaining the wording of the instruments of the Canary Islands Government and of those that are considered to be strategic.

As regards tourism and in coordination with the Island Authorities and LocalAuthorities, we continue to prepare plans for modernization, improvement and increase of competitiveness in tourism, whenever the Government of the Canary Islands thinks appropriate or at the request of the Island Authorities and/or Local Authorities.

As regards the environment, Gesplan continues to give support in the execution of environmental policies, by means of collaboration in the management of Protected Natural Spaces, the drawing up of Conservation Studies for Flora and Fauna and of Recovery Plans for Threatened Species. 

Gesplan collaborates and participates in projects in corporate subjects in countries such as: the Azores, Madeira, Cape Verde and the countries of north-west Africa, actions carried out in coordination with the General Directorate of Economic Affairs with Africa of the Canary IslandsGovernment, as well as the different organizations of the European Union whose work is concentrated in these regions.

Areas of activity:

  • Planning and Management of the Territory.

  • Renewal for Tourism.

  • The environment and infrastructure.

  • Territorial R&D+I.

  • External development.

International Experience:

List of countries:

  • Cape Verde

  • Mauritania

  • Portugal

  • Senegal

  • Venezuela


Cooperation and synergies in the establishment and sustainable planning of the coastal strips in the region of Macaronesia.

Initiative of the Competent Authorities of the Region of Macaronesia for the environmental management of the coastline, oriented towards the provision of defined coastal strips according to a number of environmental and territorial variables, in such a manner that they are adapted to the peculiar nature of each of the islands. In this way, a basic territorial unit is obtained which, once cartographically transposed to a digital format, will become a management tool of great usefulness, making possible the drawing up of an Integrated Management Strategy for the coastal areas of the Canaries, the Azores and Madeira.

  • Customer: Regional Ministry of Territorial Policy of the Government of theCanary Islands, Regional Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources(Madeira), and the Regional Secretariat for Natural Resources (Azores).

  • Country: Spain and Portugal.

  • Amount: €788,365

  • Date of Completion: 2013.

Cooperation and synergies in sustainable actions in protected natural spaces in Macaronesia.

This project is based on the need to carry out an analysis of the integral management opportunities for the protected areas so that the ecological and socio-economic objectives that must be aimed at are defined, with in a context of sustainability. A basic criterion is the compatibility of the different uses which may be made of the environment, which leads necessarily to the management of the space. 

This project aims to startup a series of actions and pilot experiences which integrate and harmonise the tourist leisure activity in the protected natural spaces without endangering their conservation.

  • Customer: Regional Ministry of Territorial Policy of the Canary IslandsGovernment Regional Directorate of the Environment (Government of Madeira),and Regional Secretariat of Natural Resources (Azores).

  • Country: Spain and Portugal.

  • Amount: €731,870

  • Date of Completion: 2013.

Modernization and training of the Public Administration in the service of the citizen. 

This project involves the start up of a tool which makes administrative steps easier for the citizen regarding territorial and town planning, the conduct of advisory support actions in planning and environmental management matters, territorial and town planning for the municipalities of our region, and the implementation of a Training Plan which broadly covers all the Public Administration.

  • Customer: Regional Ministry of Territorial Policy of the Canary Islands Government,National Association of Municipalities of Cape Verde, Association of Mayors of Senegal, the Urban Community of Nouakchott (Mauritania), Ministry ofDecentralization,Finance and Territorial Planning (Cape Verde), and Ministry of Town Planning, the Habitat, Building and Hydraulics of Senegal.

  • Country: Spain, Senegal, Mauritania and Cape Verde.

  • Amount: €560,000

  • Date of completion: 2014.


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