Description of the company:

Fernando Menis is one of the Canarian design studios with the greatest projection and international recognition. With a long creative career,Fernando Menis, has undertaken very large-scale projects all over the world, characterised by sustainable architecture, which makes a commitment to innovation and experimentation, respect for the landscape and the idiosyncrasy of the location. He has received a multitude of international awards and prizes.

Backed by the design of over sixty emblematic and unusual buildings inEurope, Africa and Asia, the Fernando Menis studio has an office in Tenerife, where a specialist multi-disciplinary team works made up of architects, engineers, lawyers and biologists who design, programme, project and manage the building of projects.

Fernando Menis is an associate professor of the European University of theCanary Islands and president of the Architecture Innovation Laboratory.Design and Advanced Tourism on Tenerife, acts as the jury, the head of workshops or an invited speaker at Harvard, Columbia NY, ESA Paris, TUBerlin, Akbild Vienna or at Architectural Congresses in Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Croatia, Italy, Colombia, India, etc.

Among the most representative pieces of work of Menis Arquitectos in theCanaries are the Presidential Palace of the Canary Islands Government inSanta Cruz de Tenerife, the Tenerife South Conference Centre, Magma Arte& Congresos, the Island Athletics Stadium, the Fuerteventura Conference Centre, the church of the Santísimo Redentor, in La Laguna and the MM house, among others.

In the international ambit, their most notable jobs are a swimming-pool in theRiver Spree in Berlin, Bürchen Mystik - Strategy for the Economic MasterPlan in Bürchen, a complex which includes, among other things, the PublicSquare of Bürchen and a Hotel or the Aurum House in Taiwan.

Another of the most recent successes of Menis is the cultural centre of the city of Torun, in Poland –the CKK Jordanki,–which includes an impressive concert hall with impeccable acoustics. 

International Experience:

List of countries:

  • Germany

  • Cape Verde

  • China

  • EEUU

  • India

  • Poland

  • Russia

  • South Africa

  • Switzerland


CKK Jordanki

The Cultural and Conference Centre CKK Jordanki is in the historical district of Torun, which is protected byUNESCO. For this reason, Torun Local Authority required a building, which, in a wider programme, would resolve its planning by attending to the delicate scenic and cultural setting.

  • Customer: Torun Local Authority.

  • Amount: €51,025,731

  • Date of completion: November 2015.

  • Country: Poland.

Square in Bürchen

The public square in Bürchen (758 inhabitants) is the social fruit of an international competition of much greater size. This Swiss commune in the Canton of Vala is lived from something which has been prohibited: the building of second homes. Now, with a radiant mountain natural environment surrounding it, the village wishes to achieve economic reactivation and that of the old local sawmill, which is in deep crisis, so as to create jobs and not to disappear.

  • Customer: Bürchen Local Authority.

  • Amount: €107,970

  • Date of completion: October 2015.

  • Country: Switzerland.

Urban and Tourist Plan for the Island of Boavista, Cape Verde.

The essential premise of the project was given by the customer, a public company for tourist development:the main option for social and economic development forCape Verde is a commitment to the tourist sector.

  • Customer: SDTIBM.

  • Amount: €300,000

  • Date of completion: November 2017.

  • Country: Cape Verde.


Tenerife Licita