The Colombian Federation of Municipalities explores with Tenerife Licita possibilities for collaboration on international public tenderss internacionales

  • The areas of interest have been limited mainly to the sectors of tourism, transportation, renewable energies and Big data

  • The Department of External Action of the Cabildo de Tenerife has actively contributed to the development of new strategic alliances.

  • Among the companies consulted, the participation of ITER, Proyectran, TITSA and Turismo de Tenerife stands out.


Tenerife Licita, as part of its strategy of approaching international public tenders to serve as a platform for relations and expansion of its associated companies outside the local market, has received the visit of a delegation of the Colombian Federation of Municipalities, which has resulted throughout the week with an intense agenda of contacts, meetings and interviews with officials of various island entities, both public and private, among which include the ITER, Proyectran, TITSA and Turismo de Tenerife.

The purpose of the Latin American delegation's stay on the island was none other than to explore possibilities of collaboration and strategic alliances to address the numerous opportunities that the national and multilateral public procurement market offers in Colombia in various fields with great expectations, a scenario of growing funding for the aspirations of the platform, which was created by the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife and the Chamber of Commerce of Santa Cruz de Tenerife precisely to promote and support the internationalization of local companies.

In this context, the Colombian mission, made up of two members of the Federation and a Colombian mayoress, carried out a program of activities aimed at this objective, including several meetings promoted by the Council of External Action of the Cabildo of Tenerife, whose head, Delia Herrera, acted as a liaison for the exchange of information on the internationalization of local companies, acted as liaison for the exchange of experiences on both sides, in the presence of the island directors of Development and Roads, Miguel Becerra and Ofelia Manjón, respectively, for matters related to transport, and with officials from Cultesa, for actions in the fields of agriculture and livestock.

Congress of transport operators

Herrera spoke at length and on several occasions with the delegation from the Latin American country, formed by Luis David Garnica, director of Territorial Development and Cooperation, Sandra Milena Tapias, director of the Integrated System of Traffic Fines and Infractions, SIMIT, and the mayor of the municipality of Soatá, Lisseth Carolina Torres. As a result of these meetings, it is already possible to speak of success in terms of direct agreements in the field of transport, through SIMIT itself, and Transportes Insulares de Tenerife, TITSA, which could advise Colombian companies related to this sector through the Federation itself, which has already invited the insular firm to its annual congress of transport operators to know both the characteristics of the systems and the competent representatives in the different municipalities and their consulting needs in this field.

Likewise, the Colombian executives explored, together with representatives of the Tenerife Institute of Renewable Energies, ITER, the most suitable ways to jointly present projects with multilateral organizations, such as EuropeAid, but also on the basis of bilateral agency agreements, in the field of renewable energies and thus contribute to cover the aspirations of a part of the Colombian territory that remains with deficit indexes in its power grid endowments.

A growing tourism sector

The third area consulted, and no less important, is tourism, a sector that is growing in Colombia and now represents the country's leading non-energy mining sector, so much so that it has already surpassed even emblematic industries such as coffee, and is emerging as a priority activity for the government. To this end, the delegates have held meetings with representatives of Turismo de Tenerife, a public insular company qualified in its development and excellence given the importance of the Island as a consolidated international tourist destination, with the aim of presenting itself jointly with the Federation to international public tenders related to this matter, a collaboration that the Mayoress of Soata has valued in advance with manifest interest in order to extend it to her own municipality.

The fourth block of contacts and negotiations has been dedicated to data management, especially by SIMIT, which handles a large amount of information related to the organization of the transport sector, although currently lacking in the field of computerization, for which the experience deployed internationally by the Tenerife company Proyectran, specialized in BigData, can serve as an incentive to establish the precise and optimal solutions to establish with guarantees a protocol of data mechanization according to the needs of Colombian systems; A collaboration that has been sufficiently discussed and that will now have to be outlined in a specific plan over the coming months.

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