Cabildo and Chamber of Commerce reinforce the external action of the companies with Tenerife Licita 2020

Tenerife Licita, the club for the internationalization of companies sponsored by the Cabildo of Tenerife through the Tourism and External Action Departments, directed by José Gregorio Martín Plata and Liskel Álvarez respectively, together with the Chamber of Commerce of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, held this week the first meeting with the member companies in order to present the novelties of the 2020 program and to analyze the calendar of activities and the most significant data for the current year.

The delegate counselor of External Action, Liskel Álvarez, presided, together with the president of the Foreign Trade Commission and the vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce, Arturo Escuder, this meeting. In the meeting, Ms. Álvarez assured that the main lines of work of Tenerife Licita for this year are "the incorporation of new companies, small and medium-sized, and the accompaniment of the same in the most complicated or difficult processes due to the circumstances related to their size". Álvarez affirmed in turn that together with "the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Tenerife, the program is consolidated with a robust team that is complemented by the value of the organizations that are already in it", and added that "thanks to the value proposals and joint work, this initiative will grow and consolidate and open doors to the internationalization of the island's companies".

As for the innovations proposed by the Cabildo of Tenerife for the 2020 program, the most important are the commitment to promote participation in international tenders financed by Multilateral Development Banks, to promote participation in development cooperation projects, to prospect the public sector in target markets, to explore agreements and institutional relations, and to organize B2B meetings with multinational companies.

For his part, the president of the Foreign Trade Commission and vice president of the Chamber of Commerce of Santa Cruz, Arturo Escuder, agreed that "enhancing growth and expanding the generation of opportunities are some of the aspects that this platform pursues and that the Chamber will contribute to achieve", in this aspect, Escuder said that this year will work around five ends, "integration, technical reinforcement, generation of more business opportunities, agreements with anchor companies and the achievement of alliances with bidding companies of magnitude".

This year, in addition, two bidding technicians will be dedicated to the platform to guarantee the daily communication channels with the partners, to make a detailed follow-up of the evolution of the companies and to deepen the work of market intelligence in the main target countries of the companies, in Africa, Cape Verde, Morocco, Senegal and in America, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

Finally, the financial director of Turismo de Tenerife, Carmelo Ortiz, indicated that, for this public company under the Cabildo insular, Tenerife Licita is a very important program and therefore in 2020 the institution will allocate a technician to complement communication with companies to improve aspects related to the different bidding processes abroad.  

Report 2019

During 2019 the Tenerife Licita platform served as a means of dissemination of 352 business opportunities, in addition, a networking meeting was held, having forecast at least 3 for 2020, as noted during the meeting, as well as holding several training actions. In this regard, the participating companies were asked for proposals of training needs adapted to each of them in order to evaluate and create a training catalog for 2020. To facilitate this task, 4 training alternatives were offered as suggestions to be evaluated. 

In the 2019 report, Tenerife Licita companies participated in 40 bidding processes and were awarded 8 international contracts. The success ratio achieved was 1 out of 5 tenders submitted, which, according to the Chamber of Commerce, "is a ratio well above average".

A program that looks abroad

"Tenerife Licita" was born from the joint initiative of the Cabildo and the Chamber of Commerce of Santa Cruz de Tenerife with the aim of promoting and coordinating all the internationalization work carried out on the island. The objective is to create a public-private platform of companies and organizations with an international vocation, which will see their internationalization process boosted thanks to the support and accompaniment offered by specialized professionals. 

Each member is offered individualized assistance to accelerate and consolidate its business development process in the international arena through international tenders. All this is accompanied by a range of services that respond to the specific needs of each entity: proposals for specific business opportunities, support in the bidding process, response to queries and doubts that arise during the internationalization process, among others

This platform has been set up as an internationalization club, which progressively adapts the services offered to the needs of each of its members.  

The Cabildo de Tenerife entrusts the execution of "Tenerife Licita" through the Area of External Action and Tourism of Tenerife. For its part, the Chamber of Commerce has a bidding technician dedicated exclusively to the attention of the companies that are part of the platform.

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